The Spiritual Straightening. Mental healing in a new dimension. Frank Präder - Frankfurt/Offenbach


Raum für Geistiges Heilen
Frank Präder

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The Spiritual Straightening:

Deliverance of blockades on spiritual, physical and emotional levels

The spine is the basic energy-channel within the body and also central part of the human skeleton. In case of blockades, life energy is not able to flow freely. The Spiritual Straightening method by Pjotr Elkunoviz loosens the blockades on the spine inducing energy impulses on a  spiritual, physical and emotional level. With this procedure the effect of this fascinating healing method can be noticed immediately visible on and within the entire body. Nearly all humans have a misalignment of the pelvis, which causes a difference in the length of the legs.

Here the Spiritual Straightening works miraculously: Within a moment the spinal column will be re-straightened, physical pain and its impact on our apparatus, such as chronic diseases, can be alleviated and even often be completely healed. Psychological stress and strain can be released in a careful manner, providing and creating space for new awareness and spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Straightening is also called MentalStraightening wich means the same method.