The Spiritual Straightening. Mental healing in a new dimension. Frank Präder - Frankfurt/Offenbach


Raum für Geistiges Heilen
Frank Präder

Reiki Meister/Lehrer · Seminare

Wolframstraße 16
D-63067 Offenbach
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Nearly all humans suffer of a “difference in the leg length”

Example –photo before Spiritual Straightening

Difference in leg length 2.5 centimeters

A so-called „leg length difference“ have nearly all humans. The word „leg length difference“ is written in quotation marks, because 99% of Humans as equal leg length. The difference comes by scoliotic pelvis.

Due to the German cure-promotion-law (Heilmittelwerbegesetz), a photo after the Spiritual Straigthening may not be displayed, since this could be interpreted as a promise of healing. In Germany healers have to adhere to the cure-promotion-law just like medical practitioners do.

The Spiritual Straigthening also has an awareness aspect; it  has the most impact if the human spirit derives from the pre-determined collective action to the truly aware being. This re-alignment of our spirit will be initiated by the conversation accompanying the treatment.