The Spiritual Straightening. Mental healing in a new dimension. Frank Präder - Frankfurt/Offenbach


Raum für Geistiges Heilen
Frank Präder

Reiki Meister/Lehrer · Seminare

Wolframstraße 16
D-63067 Offenbach
Telefon 0 69/ 85 09 69 90
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Evidenced Spiritual Healing

However, what is visible is only a minor part of the impact of the SpiritualStraightening. This healing manner acts multi-dimensional on the spiritual-, body- and emotional level.

Therefore, the SpiritualStraightening can be a help to a variety of disorders.

The SpiritualStraightening starts within the spirit, from there it is relayed to the soul and is conveyed into the body in the sense of an instauration, regeneration and elaboration. The dissolution of the chain of causes of energy blockades is visible as

– a straightening of the spine,

– an adjustment of the shoulder blades,

– a correction of the scoliotic pelvis,

– an alignment or diminishment of the leg length.