The Spiritual Straightening. Mental healing in a new dimension. Frank Präder - Frankfurt/Offenbach


Raum für Geistiges Heilen
Frank Präder

Reiki Meister/Lehrer · Seminare

Wolframstraße 16
D-63067 Offenbach
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“Medica mente, non medicamente!“ =
„Heal with the spirit, not with a medicament!“

Hippokrates of Kos, 460 B.C. until 370 B.C. – founder of medicine as a science

The Divine Straigthening is an impressive demonstration of the power of spiritual healing. The treatment is effected by an energy impulse of the straightening healer.This happens within a second, without physically touching of the body, without manipulation of the skeleton, without pain, and only by the power of an intelligent force.

So far more than 100.000 humans have been straigthened with the Divine Straigthening method. According to these experiences this straigthening is of permanent durability.