The Spiritual Straightening. Mental healing in a new dimension. Frank Präder - Frankfurt/Offenbach


Raum für Geistiges Heilen
Frank Präder

Reiki Meister/Lehrer · Seminare

Wolframstraße 16
D-63067 Offenbach
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The way to inner peace.

Spiritual Straigthening >to be sincere >to be veritable> the truth

In the preliminary talks of the Spiritual Straigthening I will  therefore inform you of the aspects of “guilt”, “adjudgement ”, anger and forgivenness from the view of wisdom.

This clears the path to reaching inner peace. The Spiritual Straigthening is a great experience showing what we humans can derive through an access to the highest energies existent  in ourselves and also around us.

Experiencing this healing ourselves awakens our lost confidence in our own creative power and the one divine regime. With this we get to discover our self-healing power and we can welcome our healing!